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Only not annotated indicators placed here. Annotated indicators belong to their own sections

In this section you can find more than 1500 forex indicators for Metatrader in alphabetical order. Additionally many of them grouped into certain categories such as Bill Williams, Moving Average, MACD, RSI, ZigZag related.


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Aroon Up & Down
by rafcamara

This MetaTrader indicator detects the price tops and bottoms and provides the signals to buy when lines rise up from the bottom and sell when they fall from the top. The cross of the indicator lines provides a good signal to take the profit or to exit with a minimum loss.

Download Aroon Up & Down indicator for Meta Trader.


BBands Stop v1
by TrendLaboratory Ltd

BBands_Stop asa kind of Bollienger Bands designed to identify trend change and set stops. Its appearance is pretty much self explanatory. Performs well during good trends but should not be used during sideways channeling market.The settings for BBands_Stop indicator could be changed to fit any particular favorite currency pair and a time frame. Good to be combined with Stochastic.

Download BBands Stop v1 indicator for Meta Trader.


by adoleh2000

MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator variation detecting price trend change points and measuring the current trend's strength. The indicator consists of two lines (blue and red) and the dots, which can be either green or magenta. The change of the dots' color is a good trading signal, while the width of gap between the two lines indicates the strength of the current trend.

Download BB MACD indicator for Meta Trader.


Camarilla as a part of SDX-TzPivots expert Created by Shimodax
Review by Victor Melman

Traders using Metatrader Platform can find very useful the indicator SDX-TzPivots created by Shimodax. It contains Camarilla, Pivot Points, Fibos and some other interesting features for automated calculation and drawing levels. Download SDX-TzPivots Indicator and read how to set Camarilla up.

Read article and Download SDX-TzPivots indicator for Meta Trader.


OverLay Chart 1.10
by S.B.T.

This indicator overlays any existing chart with chart of another currency of your choice. See an example here. All you need is to open settings and change the default symbol GBPUSD onto the symbol you need - i.e. EURUSD. Remember that some brokers use suffixes like EURUSDm for mini accounts. If you overlay EURUSD with USDCHF you can use mirroring option - in this case it should be "TRUE".

Download OverLay Chart 1.10 indicator for Meta Trader.


SDX-TzPivots indicator Created by Shimodax
Review by Victor Melman

There are two versions of this indicator available. Classic basic version calculates Pivot Points, Fibos, Camarilla and Sweetspots.
Extended version of SDX-Tz indicator does all these but also produces a trade signal with Entry, Take Profit, and Stop Loss settings based on number of additional indicators such as ADR, Stochastic, R%, DeMarker, MFI, CCI, Momentum, ATR.

Read full article and Download both versions of SDX-TzPivots indicator for Meta Trader.


by OnTheRoad

Let’s say you have a strong increase in the EURUSD. Is it because the EUR is getting stronger against every other currency pair and the USD is getting weaker? Or is it because the EUR is flat, but the USD is losing strength against every other currency? Or is it because the EUR is move up against other currencies much, much faster than the USD is rising? Or is there really no support internally for an up move in the EURUSD?
Sentiment_all_v2 gives us a clear answer. It calculates EUR, GBP and all other available currencies as a composite indexes where each currency is measured against the basket of all other currencies. See an example. Using this picture you can easily identify most weak and most strong currency and trade such pair accordingly. It may take a while for indicator to make initial calculations on the start up so be patient and wait while lines appear.

Download Sentiment all v2 indicator for Meta Trader.

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